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To commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the acquisition of my demonic cat Twiggy (AKA Miss. Tuffsey), I shall guide you through the steps to determine if your cat too is a demonic presence. Living with a demon is hard, especially when it masquerades as fluffy and cute. If you identify with this, good luck and sleep with one eye open. Featuring images shot by me out of fear for my life.

You may have a demonic cat if it takes pictures by itself with your iPhone...and crops you out...

Also, If it watches you in your sleep...

It may be trying to rip you off if it tries to steal your wallet...

...or steals your jewelry to claim it as their own...

...and your shoes.

It is probably also plotting your demise just because you looked at it wrong.

Sometimes you even catch them trying to summon their demon brethren.

They probably have it in for you if they actively try to crush you on a daily basis.

Like, It won't even play a simple game of horse with you.

But you forgive all that because they're cute sometimes.

And sometimes they look so silly they can cheer you up when you're sad.

So even if your cat is a demon, and wants to end you...just go with it. Because, what can you do?

Cats are so strange, like today Twiggy tried to FaceTime me on my brother's phone by herself. I. Can't. @allischaaf @alywoah
My cat is pretty evil, but he's smart as hell.
Uh oh. I'm moving in with a new roommate soon, and she's bringing her cat, Nala. We'll have to see if I survive the experience...