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What's the drama? This drama is about the story of Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki). Maru has been in love with his neighbor Han Jae Hee pretty much his whole life. He is the ultimate nice boyfriend and innocent guy. When things go bad, Jae Hee abandons Maru and marries a rich CEO. The betrayal leaves Mary hurt and over time he entirely changes his innocent guy personality. He went from a medical school student to a bartender and is no longer nice guy. He then pretends to fall in love with Jae Hee's step daughter Eun Gi who is also a shrewd businesswoman. He does this to get revenge on Jae Hee. Will he successfully get revenge? That's the plot of this drama.
Why is it great?
1. You get to see a more serious side of Song Joong Ki as an actor.
If you're like me and have been following Song Joong Ki since his running man days, he mostly comes off as a silly and goofy star but he shows some great acting skill in this drama. He starts off as the familiar innocent guy that is head over heels for the girl, but shows his serious and vengeful side as time goes on. He does the character justice!
2. The female lead is a boss!
She may be young, but Eun Gi is a smart and successful female lead. She isn't afraid to be her confident self around others. Unlike most female leads who fall for the chaebol guy that usually ignores them, Eun Gi actually has higher power in the drama. But she is not a completely mean character either, when she falls for Maru, she shows that side well too.
3. Joong Ki's best friend is in the drama!
Yes, I'm talking about Lee Kwang soo! For those of you who may not be familiar with the early days of the variety show Running Man, Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang So are actually best friends and used to be called the "same-age" friends (Too bad Joong Ki had to leave for the military)! It was great to see them as best friends in the drama as well (and just like in Running Man, they were goofy friends that teased yet cared for each other)!
4. The drama is pretty realistic about love!
I'm so used to seeing the impossible love between a "poor" and "rich" characters in most dramas and this is a refreshing break from that stereotype. This drama drives home the point that just love alone isn't enough to keep a relationship going. Things like money factor in and can break the relationship. More importantly, just because you can't be with them, doesn't mean you stop loving that person. Jae Hee still cared about Maru (at least in her mind) after all those years.
If these four reasons don't convince you enough, here's another reason that should help you decide!
5. Song Joong Ki is adorable!
No explanation needed, haha. He can even make a kitten dance!
@allischaaff He is! ^_^
Hahaha the kitten dance! Wow, sounds like a cool show :) And he is pretty cute...
@poojas I watched it 4 songjoong ki at first 2
@SamraMulalic Did you see this?
@sherrysahar I agree with you. I mostly watched it for the bromance lol since Joong Ki left Running Man but I ended liking the whole show in the end :D
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