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This MV was 50 shades of unfair. I would like to sue Big Hit and BTS for the emotional trauma they have inflicted on me. I was so messed up that I didn't even get to talk about how the filters on the video made them look so NOT whitewashed I LOVE IT
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@MattK95 @danidee Thanks I actually have a screenshot of that LOL
Someone needs to pause this at 2:35 and make it into a K-Pop fangirl meme for every time BTS does something rude. I can't stop giggling at your reactions.
I agree this was a whole lot of unfair... But still I love it so, I guess I'm okay with BTS treating me unfairly XD great reaction Ayana, loved it ^^
Yessssss. It was so cute/funny. BTS does rude things to our hearts.
"50 shades of unfair" Most accurate reaction description to this MV! LOL