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Maybe im not cut out for this Take me to your river an ill probably drown in it Just a simple sinner Wont amount to much Just wanna grow Just wanna love But youre so far from me An home is a disaster Want no part of me How to be happy In the rainstorm Is only something you can teach I ask for forgiveness But i dont deserve it I ask for strength Cause i dont have the courage My heart aches for the waves To crash on the beach Oh lord have mercy, i wanna learn how to be Like you an be the life that you breathe But my soul keeps rambling Theres so many things ive got to see Gambling with my goodwill Lord please dont take that from me And in my darkness You shine your light an im free Take me to your river An wash my sins clean But my hands drip blood of the martyr As i fade into the waves of the water I ask you father Forgive me for things i dont mean Sometimes all i feel is anger And i cant release Its all in the way you talk to me Its all in the words of peace An I see Crystal clear But muddy waters always follow me These blues never fade away This rhythm cant be tamed until the sorrow leaves But empty bottles pile up The mileage shows on the face An im growing too old To be so naive Lord watch over me An thank you for the love youve shown in me Sometimes life is so lonely An sometimes home isnt holy But your born in the story Of stary nights and sunshine an glory Its too much grasp But under this cool water i know it wont last So dont ask too much Cause i cant be trusted I grew up in a rush But you never failed to show me truly what love is I wish i could give you every part of me But my heart beats too slow An my light burns low Oh please leave me room to grow And you can be my king And ill laugh with you For everything we had to see An give back to you All the love youve given me Oh if only you dont give up on me Please dont give up on me
man, this is really great. I love the visceral writing and the heavy repetition of the ending. good stuff!
thanks man i tried writing it lyrically or just poetic