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Going 'Dutch' is very normal on dates nowadays however in a relationship? Many disagree.

Going 'Dutch' means that you split the bill 50-50 and pay for your half. It's very common and many wouldn't blink an eye at the offer. Even though many say that it should be a man's chivalrous duty to provide for the woman, it's becoming less common in our culture. Some say it's good and some say it's not. However, going 'Dutch' is very bizarre in relationships since most people say that couples can take turns paying for one another otherwise it can come off as 'uncommitted' and 'selfish' especially when both parties are more than capable of paying for an insignificant pizza bill (*cough Derek Jeter* *cough Hannah Davis*).
Reports just came in that famous Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter, 40, and equally famous Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis, 25, went 50-50 on the bill which is BIZARRE. Are they really that cheap? Maybe they have a reason behind it but it's just plain weird.
Jeter apparently pulled in about $400 million thanks to baseball according to Forbes. And for Davis? She pulls in about $5 million a year from modeling but is increasing that price as she has become hugely in demand thanks to her front cover on this year's Sports Illustrated magazine.
Both pulled out their AmEx Black Cards to pay (owning one of those means the person charges more than $250,000 a year).
With that said, they both have more than enough money to foot the tab.
They were on their Italian getaway when they were seen making out and then ate at the restaurant near the Spanish Steps in Rome. And then they split the check and that's that. Everyone seems so perplexed as to what they should have done. Personally I think Jeter should have paid just to be courteous to his girlfriend. However if they were going back and fourth as to whom would pay, she could easily foot the bill too and that's just as great! No women needs a man to pay for her no matter how much he makes, she can be independent in her own right and that's just as fine. Maybe she denied him and said she could handle it herself which would be freaking awesome and confident! Or maybe he was too cheap. Whatever makes Hannah feel comfortable is the answer I'd conclude. But really? You had to split it in the first place?


IDK what should have happened but the situation is questionable...
First time I'm hearing this term! I had a guy tell me one time during a dinner date if we could "join forces" on this one...needless to say that was the last meal we shared together.
I don't know, even when I'm in a relationship I almost always insist on going Dutch. There's definitely something nice about being treated, but for me, true independence and respect is allowing me to pay my own way. It shows that we both have equal power in the relationship.
Why do people obsess over these kind of things? Just let them be and I think its great that they are going Dutch!
@danidee I think it's a new cultural phenomenon that it's old fashioned for the man to pay only making it seem as if the woman is too inferior to pay for her own meal. I think it's nice that woman can be chivalrous as well; it shouldn't be taboo. But going dutch in a relationship is weird no matter what to me.
I wonder if it's her particular request. Like a feminist self-sufficiency thing? Otherwise, yeah, it does seem a little weird...