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Why does someone have to always go overboard on something cool and drive it out of style? In 2012, Hip-Hop fans were blessed with a unique experience, as Tupac was presented in hologram form at Coachella. Diehard fans were able to sing "Hail Mary" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" with Pac one last time. Today, Mary J. Blige and her PR team look to tap the well dry with a 40 foot hologram during her live set at The Statue Of Liberty.
I love the idea of the hologram when it was first into play. AV Concepts did a great job creating great visual recreations of artists. My big issue holograms as of late is within the texture in which it is used. The Pac hologram was used as a method to connect one last time with a fallen star. Jay-Z used a Biggie hologram to share a special moment with a BK legend during the opening of the Barclays. Those two instances were timely and in good taste. While I am a fan of Mary, I don’t see the importance of a 40 foot hologram floating over her body during her live set. Mary is an amazing live performer with a boatload of hits at her disposal, can anyone explain to me how this 40 foot hologram will make her performance better?
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Instead of bringing the house down, she's going to literally take over the entire house.