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We all are obsessing over ombre and honestly, I'm not too sure when the obsession will end.

Those days of rushing to the nail salon for that new trendy design you spotted your favorite celebrity wearing are long gone. You can save yourself both the time and the money by achieving the same nail design in the comfort of your home. While the trend is still on an up and up, let's try out some ombre nails.
You're probably wondering how you can achieve ombre nails -- that's where I come in. Before you overreact, it's easier than it sounds and I have you covered with all the details. Say hello to affordable nail art that won't break your pockets.
Ombre nails are just as amazing as ombre hair and they take less time to prep. Isn't that exciting? This process is can get a little messy, but it's supposed to be fun. When have you ever had fun at the nail salon? Exactly, so now is the time. You'll need a few products, that you more than likely already own. Let's get ready to create a masterpiece!

Products You'll Need To Achieve This Look:

At least two different colors of polish
Sponge (Makeup Wedge)
Plastic Bag

Step #1: Take the lightest shade from your polishes.

Paint your nails and give them a few minutes to dry.

Step #2: Using the piece of plastic, pour out the various of colors.

Make sure they are slightly touching one another.

Step #3: Take a toothpick and swirl the mixture of colors together to your liking.

Step #4: Take your sponge and dip it directly into the colors.

Do this step a few times to achieve the perfect pattern.

Step #5: Dab the sponge directly onto your nail.

Move the sponge in different directions while dabbing lightly. Repeat this step as many times as necessary, assuring the area has fully dried.

Step #6: Add your base coat.

Two or three coats works just fine. Clean up any excess polish and voila!
Beautiful!!! I have pictures but I don't know how to upload it!!! I love it!
Your collections rock!!! 馃槈
Thanks for all of the love on the cards! :) @KatieChick
For sure @jordanhamilton!!
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