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Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie of all time. I love all the themes and characters in this movie! Today, I want to tell you why I love Calcifer, the resident fire demon in Howl's Castle!
Calcifer is my favorite character in this movie! No, really, he's freaking adorable!
How can you not love him! As much as he "hates" running the Castle, he does it anyways and he does it well!
He has an oddly interesting relationship with Howl...and is very similar to him in that he can be just as powerful or cowardly as him. Which explains why he listens to the "Witch" instead of scaring her away.
But he comes to like her too (as she helps him become braver but also takes care of him).
And he isn't afraid to fight when the time comes either. He does run the Castle after all!
He feeds the residents of the Castle but also shares a great love for food!
He may be crabby and mean but he loves the people of the castle. He's always there for Howl when he's not doing so well (which was quite often)!
And he loves them so much that he even decides to live with them after the contract is broken. So much aww! ^^
I love Howls Moving Castle
Yay! You picked his best moments ^_^
@justmeplz1998 it's really good! It's about this young woman who has a curse put on her so she always looks really old. She goes on a quest to get rid of it and finds a magician that ends up needing her help more than she needs his!
@chandnip804 Spirited Away was pretty good and I haven't seen the second one yet. Was it good?
@poojas, I have seen Spirited Away and Princess Monoke.
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