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This video features a powerlifter, Molly Kelly who talks about the intense sport of powerlifting. I can definitely share her sentiment. When I was competing, I went through the ultimate mental and physical test. You test your body in more ways than you can possibly imagine. You discover the human body's strength through your own personal successes. Powerlifters are dynamic and multi-faceted.
Molly defies the expectations in the sport of powerlfiting. Powerlifters do not have one face, and she proves that.
When I was powerlifting, I too had to explain to people that I am not just a powerlifter, but also an artist, a writer, a college student, a salsa dancer, a person with many interests and talents. I too didn't fit the bill. I wasn't shredded; but I was damn strong. And I wasn't afraid of taking up space and breaking stereotypes.
Watch this moving video.
@alywoah yes! I go to the gym to and I can totally relate to what she means.
The video was so inspiring! @StaceyyRam
well said!