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Women's Duilian (choreographed fighting) event.
Along with baseball, softball, bowling, roller sports, surfing, climbing, and squash, the martial arts of Chinese Wushu and Japanese Karate have been included in a shortlist to be considered for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
Karate is a likely addition as it is Japan's most popular martial art. Wushu made it's first attempt to enter the games during the 2008 Beijing Olympics but unfortunately lost its bid. The growing popularity of the sport has its supporters hopeful.
I hope it makes it in. It would certainly add some more diversity to the sports already. Plus it'll be cool to be introduced to the champion martial artists of different countries. I'm curious to see the talent that's out there - even here in the States.
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dude, I finally have the chance to become an Olympian! YEAH!
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