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1 misconception about demons

Most people who believe in God and the devil think that demons are fallen angels. 1/3rd of the angels fell with Lucifer. When that happend God chained those fallen (except Lucifer) in a place called Tartarus. Lucifer asked and was given a time to walk the earth before his judgement and jail term. Basicaly, he got a stay for jail time. Tartarus is a cell block in the very deapest caverns of hell/hates. They will stay there until judgement. Demons are the spirits of the Nephalim. Nephalim are the sons of 200 fallen angels who descended from heaven onto a mountain and took on flesh. These 200 angels took and slept with the daughters of men and made wives of all they chose. The sons of the angels were called Nephalim. These men were giants in the land ranging from 7 feet to 35 feet tall and were greatly feared. Sometime before/during/after the great flood of Noah the Nephalim were cursed by God. For they had caused much violence and sin in the world. God cursed them that when they died their souls would not go to hell but roam the earth. Now, I know that at some point near and during the last days, God will release some of the fallen angels from Tartarus to earth to assist the antichrist,false prophet,and the beast as they take this world to perdition. I know that skeptics out there would want Bible versus and such as some reference for what I am saying here but I can tell you that it is found in the book of Genesis and also in Revelation. The main point I am making here is that demons are NOT fallen angels. Also, ghosts and aliens/UFO's are also demons. Demons take great pleasure in impersonating the dead and people of great renown. Watch out for September 23, 2015. Pope Francis will visit the Whitehouse. I believe they will start the great alien/UFO deception. If you are not saved by the blood of Jesus, you will be fooled. It's so easy, just ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your personal savior. If I have missed anything I would greatly appreciate anyones feedback. Thank You and may God bless everyone. Word!
I believe everything the Bible says and I never read without asking guidance from the Holy Spirit, but there is so much more to learn in addition. My mind is wide open.
@TerrecaRiley Thank you for your honesty. You are so right, everyone should check into what I have written here. There are lots of lyers out there. The reason I wrote this is because I watch a lot of YouTube and do lots of research about God and the devil. So many people call demons fallen angels. That's not the case. If you like YouTube, check out "the scariest movie ever". This guy has a lot of interesting videos about N.W.O./God/angels/demons/UFO. By the way, UFO's are demons. I believe in Sep. 23 2015, when Pope Francis visits the Whitehouse, they will start the great alien/UFO deception. Word!