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Do you guys have dating deal breakers? Trying to think of them off hand I don't think I do, but as I watch these videos I find myself agreeing....but with the dudes. Sorry girls, but you're being a little too harsh! Am I the only one who thinks so?!

"This is why Sex And The City has misled me so much."

Like....I really think these girls are being too strict about this?! I don't see how bad grammar is a deal breaker, unless they can only talk to you by writing, pretty sure it's not an annoying habit that you have to 'deal with' 24/7. Pretty sure a lot of these things are things they really shouldn't be listing...

"At the end of the day, you're not gonna find someone that you made up!"

Some of the guys have some pretty unreasonable ones, too, but overall...I agree with them more? These guys' deal breakers are waaay less shallow than the girls', in my opinion, and I really appreciate that.
Though, I think you're allowed to be a little shallow when it comes to things like these. Because at the end of the day, if you're not sexually and physically attracted to someone, you're not gonna want to date them. That's just the truth!

What, what are your deal breakers?

I'm curious if mine would be considered "shallow" or not...
@alywoah Those are actually good deal breakers, though!! Much betteer than most of the girls up there....I think they just didn't know what tos ay and probably have much better deal breakers when it comes to real life relationships. For me, a real deal breaker is anyone who has no regard for their family (for no reason) or for their friends. You can't just look out for #1 all the time, you've gotta care about others, too, at least sometimes.
Some of my deal breakers are lack of respect, and the not having the ability to discuss or contribute to social issues. The second bit might be trivial to some, but as I get older, I've realized there a just certain things that are very important to me ( i.e. women's issues) that I cannot remain silent about.
@fallingwater Hey, those aren't that bad! And anyways your right, part of being attracted to someone is looks, so I dont think its super shallow to include those
@ChristinaBryce LOL can you tell I'm reluctant? Idk things like long hair and mustaches bother me, which is SO beyond superficial I don't think it'd really affect if I know the guys personality first....but looks are part of attraction and I usually don't like those looks! I also can't stand guys who dont' like nature at all (like, get annoyed being in the grass or don't care about littering) but I think that ones more reasonabble
@fallingwater You gotta tell us yours, to!!!