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Remember this intricate hairstyle Diane Kruger wore to the West Hollywood premiere of "The Bridge" last year? The 'inception braid" or braid within a braid style was last summer's hottest braid trend and I'm bringing it back. I think it deserves to be on top of everyone's hairstyle must-try list this season. There's no reason not to. The elegant meets edgy hairstyle is actually really simple. Yes, simple. It may look complex on the surface but it's actually throwing your eyes off.

The style is accomplished by:

1. Dividing your hair into three sections.
2. Set aside the two side sections.
3. Dutch braid the middle section from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck.
4. Finally, taking the side sections and make one last dutch braid combining the tail of middle braid.
See demonstration below!
Wasn't that easy?
Very interesting! I would have never thought about covering up a braid like that.
I have to replay the video three times because she did the end too fast. I was trying to see how she combined the two braids.