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Q: Me and my ex got back together but I'm still really hesitant and anxious about the whole thing to the point where I can't sleep and feel like my stomach is dropping all the time. Things have never been better between us and he has made nice changes from before, but I still get so anxious that it's making me pull away from starting over again.
A: Leave your advice in the comments!! :)
Here's my advice: I wholeheartedly do not believe in going back to your ex, and especially with the way you’re describing your feelings to me (whether or not there are good feelings there, you didn’t mention them and that is pretty telling), it just doesn’t seem like a situation that you should be in.
@Heartofgold35 Exactly!! There are of course exceptions, but I don't think this is one.
I agree with everyone here. We call them ex's for a reason.
Try to find out what's making you anxious. Is it lack of trust? Are you worried your relationship may eventually fail?
if there is something u kno about him (or u) that will destroy the relationship, just tread the waters... feel it out. take precautions that u didn't take before