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Rumor has it that the Wonder Girls are on the road to a comeback!! Whether it’s true or not, as a WG fan I’d like to hope that we hear a little something from the group as some point. They had a lot of potential and it’s unfair that towards the end, they just kind of fizzled out.
And I realize that in my video I didn’t mention Lim, but it wasn’t clear if she’d be part of this alleged comeback or not. Let’s all keep our eyes open for more news about WG :)
They're the queens of viral hits - I hope they come back!
As long as Yubin is in this comeback, I'll be excited to wait for it!
My favourite Wonder Girls song is "Me, In" I love everything about it, and yes I'm hoping these rumours are true, I need to see Yubin doing something again ^^
I didn't know much about Wonder Girls but seems like their comeback will be much appreciated! :)