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The extent to which people would go for beauty is crazy. First, it was botox, then IV drips, and now scalp botox! According to WWD, an infux of women from the Upper East Side are getting scalp botox to prolong their blowouts. You heard it, not to reverse wrinkles but to tame sweaty scalps from ruining their hairstyle. Does that even make sense?
Well, the truth is botox can keep perspiration under control. In the past, men were more inclined to use this treatment due to hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). This was done by injecting botox into their hands and armpits to control sweat. Similarly, woman are requesting botox to be injected into their scalp to decrease perspiration.
I understand woman wants to have flawless and sweat-free hair (especially during the summer), but I do not understand why they would spend $1,200-$1500 on a momentarily result. Even though the cosmetologist said the treatment pose no danger for hair loss, I would not risk injecting anything into my scalp. No please, no one can mess with my head.
What do you think about this new hair craze?
So you get botox....on your you don't.....sweat your hair dirty. I'm really not understanding why.
Is there anything people wouldn't try for beauty? This is mind blowing both the price and the trend.