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I never completely understood why is it so easy to put yourself down and try to "understand" what other people are feeling, or are expecting from you? I have constantly seen this go on. Sometimes its with a special someone, at a working enviroment, with "friends", making yourself less or not speaking up to comfort others, while deep inside you know you can do better and deserve better. At the time you might feel like you can not do better or perhaps feel the need to make yourself less in order for others to feel better about themselves, no! Always put yourself first. No matter if that makes you selfish. Always remeber NO ONE absolutely NO ONE has your back like youself.
Respect others but remember to respect urself too. this way you keep ppl in line when it comes to your feelings. Well, I need to take my own advice now!
I agree with this 100%. If there's anything I learned from being alive for 27 years, is that it's so important to love and respect yourself FIRST. You're definitely right about nobody having your own back like yourself. Good advice.
yes respect it, their is a difference between respecting and realizing what they might feel, but often people make themselves less. let people step all over them in order for the other person to feel good or better.. or simply let them make you feel like crap just because you understand what they are going through .. @christinabryce
I dont' think it's selfish to be realistic, but I do thinks selfish to (once you have yourself undercontrol) not try to understand where your friends and family are coming from in any concerns they share with you. I mean, they're just looking out for themselves, too, so shouldn't you respect that?
we'll learn to take our own advice one day
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