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The happiest day of your life can be stressful, so many brides leave it to the expert (wedding planners) to take care of the general duties. However, personal projects like registry, gifts and invitation should be done by you and your significant other. There's so much to remember for wedding planning but you can break it down one by one.
1. The Registry
Unless you want to receive duplicates you might want to monitor your gift registry with a wishlist. Many couples have used Blueprint Registry to take care of their wedding and honeymoon. Guest have the flexibility to split cost on an item and you have the ability to add items from your favorite store. The Blueprint Registry will also send you a gift summary after the wedding to make writing those thank you notes a breeze.
2. The Bridesmaids Dress
Got a bridesmaids who's out of town and can't make it to the dress fitting? Vow to be Chic lets you and your bridesmaids choose from designer dresses (starting at $50) and sends two different sizes to each girl’s home so they can try them on at their convenience. How cool is that? If they don't like the dress, prepaid label is included for free return.

3. The Gifts

Your bridal party has been showering you with love and support, it's time for you to show them some appreciation. Gift your girls something they'll use and love. I highly recommend Birchbox subscription. Beauty products are never enough for the girls.

4. The Invitations

You'll be sending a lot of cards before and after the big day. Postable will cut you some slack and save your hand from massive cramp by doing everything for you. All you need to do is create an address book, choose your design(s) and they'll take care of printing, stuff, and sending.
I hope this was helpful!
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Love these bits of advice. Great resources too! Thanks for sharing @modernromance