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Who's ready for fireworks? Fourth of July is coming up and I'm guessing some of you cannot wait to snap some photos on your iPhone to post on Instagram. Firework or sparkler is an unique and beautiful light source for photos. You can create some stunning images with the right camera settings. Smart phone might be convenient to capture some shots but DSLR provides more flexibility and function. Don't know how to use a DSLR? Below are some tips for photographing fireworks and sparklers.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Playing with Exposure

Generally, exposing your picture for the foreground will focus on the subject and exposing your picture for the background will make a silhouette. Also, the lower your ISO (shutter speed), the richer your color.
Camera setting: M (Manual), Aperture F11-F16 (this controls how blurry your background is)
To create a silhouette photo (left image), simply point the camera’s light meter at the fireworks so that the settings are adjusted for a bright photo, causing the foreground to be a silhouette.
For kids holding hand photo, you want to focus on the foreground. You want deep, rich colors for this shot, so bring your ISO down to 100.
Photo: (left) Yaroslav Belousov, (right) Crystal Garcia

Playing with Perspective

The above shot is pretty simple. You either want to make the sparklers or the subject the center of focus.
Photo: (left) Grand Wedding Exit, (right) Karrah Kobus
Another example of light being in the center of focus, creating a blurred background.

Lettering with Sparklers

Camera setting: M (Manual), Set f/stop to f5.6, Shutter speed to 4 seconds or slower (make the shutter speed faster for more sharper words), set white balance to Tungsten
Photo Shooting: If you don't have a steady hand use a tripod! Also make sure everyone writes their letters backwards.

Painting with Sparklers

Same setting as the lettering technique. For photo styling, just make a big circle with your arm.

Fairy Dust Sparklers

You can use a similar long exposure camera setting like the lettering photo. However, for this specific shot someone needs to run around the subject with sparklers.
There ya have it! Now go have fun with fireworks. :)
@danidee the fairy dust style is fun choice and somewhat challenge, but that's the very thing I love about photography.
These pictures really are stunning. And playing with longer exposure times is one of my favorite DSLR tricks. Needless to say, I'm in love with that fairy dust style picture.