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Zero calories! Added vitamins! All-Natural! No animal products!

What's the truth behind these "healthy" drinks?

Almond Milk

As it turns out, almond milk is only made up of about two percent of real almonds (what on earth?!) and therefore lack most of the health benefits you get from eating nuts in their solid form. Some types of almond milk have added sugar - so think about making your own at home!
Try drinking a cold glass of water and snacking on a handful of raw almonds instead :)

Zero Calorie Drinks and Powders

Zero calories and a tasty escape from boring old water...what could be wrong with that?
Shockingly enough though, your body is smart. When it senses something sweet being consumed, it anticipates calories. Your body gets confused, and then ups your hunger hormones so you start to crave high-calorie foods like chips, cookies, and anything that probably isn't good for you.
Try squeezing some lemon or lime into some water or making these infused drinks for a change

Vitamin Water

If it has vitamins, it’s got to be healthier than pretty much any other drink, right? WRONG.
One bottle of Vitaminwater contains a whopping 33 grams of sugar. That’s even more than what you get from the average can of soda.
If you really want vitamins, try asking your doctor for an appropriate supplement. Or better yet, eat a balanced diet of real and healthy foods, and drink lots of water. You can’t a better mix of nutrients from anywhere else other than a variety of fresh plant-based foods and lean sources of protein.

Coconut Water

Many stars and athletes claim that this is the answer to all your post-workout hydration woes. The natural, low-calorie alternative to sports drinks is so high in potassium and thus perfect for recovery.
Well....researchers say that the health benefits of coconut water are actually hugely exaggerated, and chugging a bottle during or after a workout isn’t any better than eating something with sodium or potassium before you work out, like a banana, in addition to drinking plenty of water.
Everything is okay in moderation, but nothing beats that all natural life-giving liquid: WATER