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In the summertime, it can be hard to dress office-appropriately without sweating to death each morning on the commute. You can't exactly wear cut-offs to work, but that doesn't mean shorts have to be off the table altogether. These shorts are all work appropriate when worn with more modest (but lightweight!) blouses and blazers. I've included a range of lengths, so be aware of the standards of your own workplace, as some places are obviously more conservative than others. These pairs all under $100, but don't sacrifice quality.


Leather shorts look sleek and edgy but still polished, so long as they're tailored. If you work in a traditional office, make sure to tone them down with more conservative elements like flats and a blazer, and dainty jewelry.
These long shorts from ASOS.
These pale pink pleather shorts from Zara.


The same goes for suede as regular leather; tone them down, and also pair with breezier blouses as both suede and leather are heavier fabrics, especially to wear in the summer.
These shorts on sale at Zara.
These suede culottes from ASOS.

Soft and loose

Wrap and belted shorts in linen, jersey, or any softer fabric can be really comfortable to wear to the office. They're on the casual side, so pair them with heels and a nicer top, or make them more special with statement jewelry.
These wrap shorts from Topshop.
These belted shorts from Zara.
These pink shorts from ASOS.

Short Culottes

Culottes are a big hit this summer, and you can find them in a range of lengths, from mid-calf to just at the knee. They're a great breezy alternative to pants for the office, and a shorter length will show some leg modestly and in style.
These culottes from ASOS.
These printed culottes from Topshop.
These culottes from ASOS.


Printed shorts can seriously spice up your office fashion routine. Match printed shorts with a blazer for a fun twist on a suit, that often looks professional enough that no one will really notice you're not wearing pants.
These spotted shorts from ASOS.
These striped high-waisted shorts from Topshop.
These floral shorts from ASOS.

Checks and Houndstooth

You can also find tailored shorts in traditional suit prints, like checks, houndstooth, and gingham, which look instantly professional when paired with a high-neck blouse. In the fall, they can be worn over shorts as well, but we don't have to think about that just yet.
These checked shorts on sale at Topshop.
These houndstooth shorts from Zara.


Tan and chino shorts are great because you can wear them casually with a tank and sandals, or dress them up with a pretty blouse and heels for work. A tailored pair will look sleeker for the office, but any pair can be spiced up with a girly top and statement shoes.
These shorts from Zara.
These shorts from Topshop.
These shorts from ASOS.
@caricakes I know, you kind of have to hunt for more appropriately long shorts. I like the culotte trend (though I haven't yet tried it myself) because it totally gives into the long length
Shorts nowadays are SO short so I don't even like wearing them out of the office! Thanks for the links to the "soft and loose" ones!!