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On August 6th, we will all mourn the loss of the world's best TV host, Jon Stewart. I'm almost certain that The Daily Show will never be the same after he steps down.
To celebrate the comedian's retirement and the 16 years he has spent behind the desk at The Daily Show, someone created a timelapse showing our beloved host over the years. The timelapse is amazing to watch because so many things change - Jon's hair turns from brown to gray (sorry Jon), the set changes immensely behind him and the news itself develops, focusing on Clinton, then Bush, then Obama.
For someone who has watched Jon Stewart since I was old enough to care about the news, this timelapse is incredibly nostalgic. If you watch closely (which I have several times this morning), you can see John Oliver take over the desk for a brief stint and you can reminisce about that time Jon tried to grow a beard.
I think this is a perfect celebration of Jon as a host, not only showing the important news he's commented on over the years, but emphasizing just how long he's been reporting. For 16 years he's done more than just make me laugh, he's taught me to actually care about the news. For that, I thank him.
I hope to see this timelapse on tonight's moment of zen.
This is awesome. Watch it on 2x speed for extra effect hahaha
@JordanNash yeah I have no idea how someone made that but it's awesome, must have taken plenty of time and effort but I appreciate it haha
That is impressive for someone to make that time lapse. Also I think it's interesting that he never changed sides of the screen, he was always on our right side haha. What a great show and great comedian!