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Ahhh Bloody Mary's. The only way to kickstart any holiday, or just get rid of a Friday night hangover. I don't know about you, but the reasons why I love Bloody Mary's is because its practically a meal in your cup! You get some celery, an olive, maybe a pickle. And if you're really lucky your Bloody Mary will have a bacon slice or two laid nicely across the top.
But these outrageous Bloody Mary's put my measly, oh so special slice of bacon to shame. I just worry that you might run out of drink before you run out of garnish!
A Bloody Mary thats black? What the hell is that about? Well a restaurant in Washington DC named Pantera decided to spice things up by adding squid ink to their Bloody Marys! They then top it off with celery, an olive and of course a little tentacle, because I mean obviously.
If you are looking for a light snack with your drink, at Beercade in Chicago, IL, you are served this yummy looking Bloody Mary! It is lightly garnished with some meat and cheese, a few choice veggies and an actual White Castle Slider!
Paying respect to the Chicago style Hot Dog this Bloody Mary hooked you up with lunch as well as a refreshing drink. Screw the bacon, this drink comes with a hot dog, a pickle, a pepper, and an olive! Yum.
As if the actual jug in which this Bloody Mary is served in isn't extreme enough Milwaukee, WI The Beast, takes it one step further. Their giant sized drink comes with a full chicken, bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, some shrimp cocktail and of course, the traditional celery sticks.
Created in O’Davey’s Irish Pub – Fond du Lac, WI, I feel like I should be watching the baseball game while sucking this puppy down. With your drink you get a garnish meal of a pretzel, a bag of popcorn, sliders, bacon, nachos with cheese, sausage, some fresh veggies, a pickle (of course), a few peanuts, and a hot dog!
And the best part, it only cost $5!
This The ‘Surf n Turf Supreme’ Bloody Mary created in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is actually insane. I honestly don't even know where to begin trying to explain the garnishes let alone where to start drinking from it! On top there is bacon wrapped lobster, crab cake sliders, fried fish sliders, steak and cheese sliders, pork loin, an entire stuffed potato, Brussels sprouts, bacon, mussels, crab legs, calamari, shrimp, coleslaw, tuna salad, cheese curds, cheese whips, and some veggies and pickles to add some fresh, raw ingredients.
Also, for desert there is a little cup of cheesecake which I just don't get, but would eat anyways.
The Checkmate Caesar (in Canada they call Bloody Mary's Bloody Caesars for some reason) is the scariest thing I have even seen in my life. I also want one right now. Piled high on top is hot wings, a cheese burger, another whole roast chicken, onion rings, pulled pork, mac and cheese, a pickle, and again the addition of a bizarre desert, a brownie with whipped cream.
After all those garnishes its interesting to see a different take on the Bloody Mary! Rather then load up the top of the cup why not make the actual cup out of meat? This cute but yummy Bloody Mary shot looks like an amazing way to do happy hour, or brunch or just life for that matter. And the cheese stick just makes everything even better!
The squid ink Bloody Mary actually looks pretty delicious. Although the ink sort of makes it look like Coca-Cola lol. Meanwhile the ones where all of this stuff is packed on top makes me wonder if the actual mixed drink part is any good or if they're wiiildly compensating.
@allischaaff right i am now both starving and thirsty!!! I want check mate ceasar so badly! all the meat yummmmmmmmm
Ohhh myyy godddd. First of all, now I want a bloody mary SO BAD. Secondly – these are insane!!! The meat shot glasses, the bacon-wrapped lobster, the built-in dessert – I feel like if I ordered one of these, that would be all I ate for the entire day. And with the tentacle, "because I mean, obviously" – I lol'd. XD
All of this is so Midwestern, it's amazing.
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