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Are you feeling stressed? Having a bad skin day? Can't seem to get enough sleep? Experiment with these six spreads that will help diminish your health problems. The best way to enjoy these delicious, flavorful combinations is on a piece of multi-grain toast, crackers, pita, english muffins, etc. Get creative because the options are endless!

Sleep Soother: Strawberries and goat cheese.

The vitamin B6 in goat cheese is vital for the production of sleep-regulating melatonin.

Skin Supporter: Cream cheese and blackberries.

Calcium in cheese helps skin retain moisture, while Vitamin C loaded blackberries fight wrinkles.

Stress Buster: Chocolate spread with banana and walnuts.

This lethal combination aids production of “happy hormone” serotonin and keeps your blood sugar stable.

Immune Charger: Smoked salmon with cucumber ribbons.

Omega-3s in the salmon reduce inflammation in your cells, while bolstering immunity.

Tummy Toner: Avocado, black pepper, sea salt and hot sauce.

Avocado for stomach flattening magnesium and fiber, while adding hot sauce to rev up your metabolism.

Fat Blaster: Roasted vegetables and feta.

Calcium-rich feta helps stimulate fat loss, while roasted peppers top up fiber and vitamins.

Very informative advice @danidee! I have a lotion that is predominantly goat's milk and it helps with hydration and calmness.
Mmm. You've got me craving all kinds of spread-y goodness! Can't wait to try. Thanks, @skee292 !
these all look so good!
I love using chevre! Especially on sprouted wheat toast with some roasted red peppers. I had no idea that eating goat cheese helps regulate your sleeping patterns though. Anything goat's milk based is also a really great detox food. It gives you all the probiotic benefits of other dairy options, but considerably less lactose, which helps your digestion even more.
@skee292 I had no idea they even made products like that. Do you remember what brand it is?
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