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Basically died making this list, but here it is! Hope some of these biases will ruin your list ^_^
Thanks @PassTheSuga for this challenge! Great idea! Can't wait to see everyone's list! And add more to mine! Haha.
1. Kim Hanbin/ B.I (iKON)
He will be there to wreck your bias list! I watched both WIN and Mix & Match and I was surprised by how badass Hanbin is. One minute, he'll be a tough and strict leader trying to improve the group (he has quite the temper!) and the next he'll be a total derp around the members. I am especially biased towards iKON because I've been following them right from the start. Please debut soon!!!
Look at him be an adorable dork!
2. Jackson Wang (Got7)
Got7 is another group I somewhat followed from their start. More than their music, I actually really adore the members. I love how diverse the group is and how close the members are with each other. Especially Mark and Jackson stand out because they are such goofballs. Even if you haven't heard of Got7, you've probably heard of Jackson...that's how cool he is!
I can't even describe Jackson, he's just a bundle of cute and funny!
3. Yoon Dujun (Beast)
He's probably the derpiest K-pop idol there is. He can go from absolutely handsome and sexy to complete weirdo in just a few seconds. I actually only started to notice him after his appearance on variety shows like Running Man and Weekly Idol. If you haven't seen Beast in those shows, I recommend you do that immediately, because you will fall for Dujun! And it will be great! Also watch his drama Let's Eat!
He makes the weirdest faces but has the best laugh of any idol I've seen!
4. Choi Siwon (Super Junior)
I never really got into Super Junior until I watched some of their stage performances and went...woah. You know what I'm talking about! Siwon is handsome, sexy and funny...pretty much the perfect guy. But more importantly, he is the king of bromance. He will guaranteed wreck your bias list!
This man is flawless. Or maybe his flaw is that he's too perfect!
I had TON of fun making this list! Looking forward to your lists! :D
@poojas I have a love/hate relationship with half of these fellas on your list.... Siwon with the eyes (y'all know what I'm talking about) he's ridiculously good looking when he's not going cray with the eyes. But then I don't think he would've stood out to me if it wasn't for those slightly cray slightly pervy looks he sneaks in ȏ.̮ȏ lol. Jackson.....I can't even go there....nope....that boy was my bias in Got7 at debut but this noona can't Jackson no moh.
Awesome list !! I have to say Hanbin is probably the biggest bias wrecker on this list for me personally^^ Still waiting on that debut boys!
@jiggzy19 Thanks! Hanbin is the worst, I know, but he can't help it! Haha! They are gonna kill us with the 50 songs they have prepped for their debut! ^_^
I'm with @jiggzy19.. I love Hanbin!! I feel so bad for that scandal his family got into last year. He's too talented to be letting horrible news like that overshadow his success.
*omg siwon but then looks at gifts**omg eunhyuk!!*
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