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Yeah, that's Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. And if you're underwhelmed by yet ANOTHER white guy playing Spider-Man, you're in luck. Last year, it was announced that the multitalented performer would be lending his voice acting skills to Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. You can see a clip of his appearance below.
While the events of the episode took place in an alternate universe (which is how Marvel originally introduced the character), in a few short months Marvel will be retconning their entire universe. The new Marvel Comics continuity will introduce Miles Morales as the main Spider-Man. It's not clear yet what this means for the ongoing show. Will Marvel refocus on Miles instead of Peter Parker?
When Miles Morales was introduced in 2011, fans were already clamoring for a nonwhite actor to audition for the role in the live-action Amazing Spider-Man. They created photo manips (like the one above) to encourage Marvel and Sony to consider other options. So in a sense, this has come full circle. But is it enough?
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Oh my word! That is so freaking out there! (happy dance! happy dance!)