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I can make a case that there's no better way to start your day than with eggs. The varieties are countless, and the combination possibilities are endless (personally, I like the eggs between cheese and bacon on a bagel). I'm also a strong believer that breakfast is the best meal of the day, in addition to being the most important. I really like my eggs over medium, but scrambling them is way more convenient. But with time comes perfection, and I have finally figured out how to avoid overcooking the eggs. Here's what I've learned.
Melt a little butter or spray the pan with PAM. Get the pan hot (high heat). Then, and here's the key, turn it to LOW heat. Then crack the egg into the pan. It is at this point that you'll want to season the egg if you'd like (you can also add salt and pepper upon completion). Cover the pan so the top of the egg gets cooked as well. When the top egg white is no longer watery, uncover the pan and flip the egg. You only need to cook this side for one minute at the most. Flip with caution to avoid breaking the yolk. After all, what's the point of eating eggs if you can't pop that yolk bubble yourself?!
No more burnt edges. No more dry egg whites. The perfect fried egg is only a few steps and a few minutes away.
My typical recipe for a perfectly fried egg is to call my roommate into the kitchen and ask her to make me one :) I'm pretty much stuck to scrambles...
Great kitchen tip! I've found that cooking things over a low flame tends to give you more control over what you're making. I do really similar steps when I'm making a grilled sandwich.
Awesome tips! Yeah, it took me awhile to master the fry egg. Mostly, because I didn't utilize Google search like a smart person. ;___;