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As a lifelong Mets fan, you would think I'd be used to it by now. The misdiagnoses, the frugal ownership, the incompetent management, the lack of execution on the field, the letdowns, the heartache, the disappointment. I've been through it all, again and again. But this year is different. The young pitching is in place, but the supporting cast is essentially nonexistent. Injuries have plagued this club through the first 2+ months, but every team has players go down with injuries. Why is it that the Mets seem to struggle more than other teams?
It's always about "next year" with this team. But we've been hearing "next year" for years. Why not this year? There are pieces in place, but the stud arms who go once every 5 days can only pick up so much slack. GM Sandy Alderson has resources and (allegedly) money to go out and spend and improve this roster, but no moves have been made. And as a frustrated fan, I can't help but to think nothing is going to be done. I can only blame the players so much. Some of these guys are rookies that are only playing in the majors because they're the next best option.
There's a losing formula in place that has been cancerous to this team for years, and the fans have had enough. The Mets fan base is desperate for a good team, and it's difficult to sit back and watch this team struggle when the potential is there.
@Goyo either too young, or just not that talented, and broke hahah
@jeff4122 I understand that, but that is the general consensus about the Mets. Maybe this is outside the Mets fandom world... It is like @erichammer05 said "It's always about next year with this team" => that usually signals that the team is still too young, at least its core
@Goyo I don't even know if its a matter of being 'too young.' Sure, Plawecki and Herrera aren't ready, but they're only playing because of injuries to D'Arnaud and Murph (and Wright). So for me they get the pass - there's only so much that can be done. Where it really hurts is with guys like Granderson and Cuddyer who are just so hard to watch. Not to mention Robles out of the 'pen, who seems deadset on failing to reach the crazy ridiculous awesome potential that he has
Well if it means anything, the Yankees are just as frustrating these days. They have tons of cash, and want to win now but continue to get it wrong. We keep on paying for players that are too old. So while the Mets continue to be "too young," the Yankees continue to be "too old."
@erichammer05 i don't really have any idea where to turn with this team. I have no answers. There are so many things to be frustrated about... for one, and this has been a problem for years and years now - what is the deal with the mis-diagnoses? It seems every time a player suffers a 'mild' injury, they're out for several weeks, at least. D'Arnaud right now is an example - at first it was nothing, and he was expected to start yesterday (this was the report as of yesterday morning!) and then we learned a few hours later that he was on the DL. But somehow no one seems to realize that Niese has needed shoulder surgery for the past three seasons...
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