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That's a bold statement, I know. Sure, House of Cards has murder, corruption and Kevin Spacey on that rowing machine, but Veep has so much more.
In this day and age, politics seems corrupt, deceitful and greedy, but Veep points out that it can still be pretty ludicrous. The show follows Selina Meyer, Vice President of the United States, and her entire team as they attempt to balance her private, vulgar personality with her smiling public image.
Every character on the show is great - Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a totally under qualified VP, Tony Hale as her overeager assistant and Timothy Simmons as the butt of everyone's joke. The plot is one screw up after another, followed by the profanity, insults and time that go into remedying the problem.
Veep is exactly what I want the portrayal of politics to be on TV. Of course no show is going to accurately portray life in The White House, so political shows might as well be absurd. Don't look to Veep for discussions of policy or intense walk and talks a la The West Wing, but do enjoy it for its portrayal of the more absurd side of politics.
If none of that convinces you, someone recently discovered that of all the comedies on TV, Veep has the most jokes per minute. This means that chances are, Veep will make you laugh.