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Upon first glance, there's nothing all that strange about David Byrne. He kinda looks like a 1980s rock musician, which is exactly what he is.
That's upon first glance, though.
In reality, David Byrne and The Talking Heads represent everything that is so good about bizarre people making amazing music. This is what music needs to be, if you ask me - an all out, soul-wrenching, mad, possessed experience. This is "Life During Wartime," which was recorded in 1983 for the concert film "Stop Making Sense", and it's one of the wildest performances I've seen, ever.
Everything about this is perfect. The dancing. The jogging in place. The all-white suit. The backup dancers doing their jig. The ultra-'80s style stage set. The drummer wearing khakis and a polo shirt! Byrne's facial expressions in the first chorus - it's like with each line he sings, he's so shocked that he was actually able to create sounds with his mouth. t
It's a funky kinda day. So that's good.
David Byrne is so awesome. Now he's really committed to helping out other smaller acts get their music heard so if you go to a lot of indie shows in NYC you can see him hiding out near the bar :)
This is amazing!!! His dance moves seriously make my life. The song plus is energy really made me wanna just have fun
@caricakes I haven't heard about that. I'll definitely be on the lookout haha