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So you're telling me that Prince William, Prince Henry, and Duchess Kate Middleton still get an allowance from King Charles? REALLY?

It's baffling that the royal family is still giving their children an allowance despite them being full grown adults. King Charles says the money is for official royal activities. King Charles and Duchess Camilla are known to be quite charitable however I don't think giving your ultra wealthy children an allowance is considered 'charity'.
Reports conclude that William, Henry, and Kate receive £2.965 million ( approx. $4.667 million US dollars) allocated for "official activities". This goes to events, wardrobe, transportation, food, staff salaries, etc. Yeah because those recycled outfits of Kate are really keeping the budget in check...
And with that impressive sum of money they get every year, the money has to come from somewhere. £1.736 million (approximately $2.73 million US dollars) comes from the Sovereign Grant, which covers property services and travel. £498,000 (approximately $784,486 US dollars) is taken from government departments aka THE TAX PAYERS. Must be nice having your people pay for your super posh lifestyle.
Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are super invested in cutting down eco-emissions, donating to charities, and being royal and stuff. How kind of them.
"I'm 33 years old. I'm married. I've got two kids. And I'm still getting an allowance because I NEED it. I deserve it. Life is stressful." -Fake Prince William comment
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Oh the places I would go with a 4 million dollar allowance...