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While doing so would probably break the internet, there's no official source to back up claims that Marvel is courting Beyonce for a film role. Marvel generally avoids casting big-name stars, opting instead for lesser-known actors (Chris Hemsworth pre-Thor for example), and has only recently begun casting actors with well-known credentials (Benedict Cumberbatch is a very familiar face in fan communities, and will be playing Doctor Strange). The rumor comes from the Daily Star, a British tabloid with no official ties to either Marvel or Beyonce. Sorry y'all: it's probably completely unfounded.

But isn't it nice to dream?

She already rocks skintight costumes, and if she can dance in those shoes I don't doubt she can save the world in them, too. Plus, she knows about alter-egos (Sasha Fierce could totally rock a cape and cowl if she wanted to). I'd say Beyonce is already an expert in the hero business. How could Marvel cast her, when she's already rocking the superhero look herself?
Every time I see this video I start to tear up. The love that she has resonates so strongly, and it's amazing how much she gives her fans. Beyonce doesn't need Marvel, she's already a hero on her own. She inspires people and empowers them. Could any character Marvel came up with really measure up to what she already does?

Who run the world? Um, I think we all know Beyonce does.

It would be kind of sick to see a Marvel movie as told entirely through dance and pop music. Heck, I would probably be first in line opening night. But ultimately, if Marvel tried to incorporate Beyonce in their universe, I have a feeling she'd just take over. She's just too big to fit into a supporting role. She would need (deserve!) her own franchise, with her front and center. And at that point, would it really be a Marvel movie anymore?