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I've already written a card about London way back when his self-directed music video dropped, but now he's gaining even more traction with a mention about his new album, O∆, on not once, not twice, but for the third time (oh, and Fader loves him too, NBD)

Here's what they had to say:

"Not quite a rapper, not quite a singer, O’Connor’s voice thrums over beats and synths of his own design, ascribing to no creed, genre, or clear form. If O∆ does anything, it dives even farther down the rabbit hole, wandering into off-kilter falsetto rants like “Steal” and the confessional sanctity of “Coordinates 00 36.” Whatever trails he wanders down, O’Connor is wholly himself. That in itself is a triumph."

You can stream the release on Soundcloud, keep up with London on Tumblr, and download O∆ here.
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These songs are actually really, really good. It must feel good to have such a talented friend. Usually my friends that are into music either sound like someone else or just aren't my style at all. This is really unique and awesome. (Plus, omg I'd freak out if i were featured in Fader. That was my go-to music magazine once upon a time.)