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The Roaring Twenties are coming back around in the fashion world. Besides the fringed flapper dress and short haircuts, t-strap heels, wedges and flats are also coming back into fashion.

T-strap heels

Show off some vintage class with t-strap heels, inspired by the popular 20s shoe trend. Here, here and here are some options.

T-strap wedges

Give a modern twist to the vintage trend with t-strap wedges (they also are more comfortable than heels). Here, here and here are some great t-strap wedges.

T-strap flats

If you aren't too confident wearing heels or wedges or if you need to walk a lot during the day, try t-strap flats. Flat options are here, here and here.
Celebrities such as Emma Stone, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo are bringing out their inner 20s vintage woman with t-strap shoes.

So put on your t-strap shoes and go out to your favorite speakeasy while listening to Louis Armstrong.