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Dear Ladies,

To make myself feel better I often refer to them as my tiger stripes.

They've marked their territory and although it took me years to finally accept their existence -- I've finally given in. They're here as a reminder that beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. They've graced my thighs and my torso making my body their home -- I suppose they've gotten rather comfortable. I've tried oils and butters to permanently erase them. I've even constantly tried to cover them up with clothing, in hopes of keeping them a secret. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that they invade everyone's temple -- well most. Although, I'm not much a fan of surprise visits -- them camping out on my body allowed me to realize my true beauty.

As women we often compare our flaws to our beauty, when in all actuality those things we see as 'flaws' are simply beautiful.

Are flaws make us who we are and as much as we criticize our bodies day in and day out -- the beauty still lies there.

Embrace your tiger stripes, you've earned them.

Whether they're visible or not so visible, they are more than likely there for a reason. If you have stretch marks because you gave birth to a beautiful being, those marks are a reminder that you're a woman and capable of bringing a life into the world. How beautiful is that? If you earned those marks as a reminder of how much weight you've lost -- look at those marks as a trophy because you won.
Beauty is so much more than skin deep, it begins within. You can't love your outside until you love your inside. Get to know yourself and you'll soon realize, those stretch marks are nothing more than tiger stripes and little reminders of how awesome and beautiful you truly are.


A Fellow Tiger

I love how everyone is chiming in and voicing their flaws in a positive outlook. @allischaaff, it's reassuring to know that we are not alone & things that we usually think we only deal with -- we usually all deal with, but are too shy to speak on. So thank you for bringing up those things you see as imperfections because they are what truly makes you beautiful and the fact that you're able to speak on those things is even more beautiful. Continue to remain positive and I second your notion, I am so loving this #TeamTigers hashtag definitely! :)
Everyone is beautiful in their own way and that's what makes everyone unique! Inspiring card!
Thank You and OMG Yes!!! I didn't even think to associate it with that saying. I love that you connected the two. So perfect!!! @shannon15
I love this card. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "I am woman hear me roar"!
I love this post, AND this hashtag!! #TeamTigers :) I have stretch marks too... some in embarrassing places. And it's always been tough to embrace those imperfections, along with acne, being a kind of hairy Italian girl, etc... Especially when you're young, it feels so embarrassing! Like you're the only one with these "problems." But the truth is, EVERYBODY (even supermodels!) has parts about them that they struggle to love. But the struggle is worth it, because these parts of us ARE beautiful! They make us unique and special and they show what we've been through :) I so agree @jordanhamilton @kellystephanieh and @moya23, beauty starts from within, and that's what gives the outside its own special glow ;) Go #teamtigers!!
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