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The Classy, Modern "Rose & Rye" Cocktail
Gorgeously garnished with rose petals, this fresh cocktail is a striking creation of Rose's Luxury, a Washington, D.C. based restaurant. It's a surefire hit for sophisticated gatherings, with floral notes enlivened by a hint of lemon juice.

Rose & Rye

Makes one cocktail
1⁄3 cup sugar
2 drops rose extract, such as Terra
1 1⁄2 oz. rye whiskey (preferably Rittenhouse)
3⁄4 oz. rose simple syrup
1⁄2 oz. fresh lemon juice
2 dashes Fee Brothers Old Fashioned bitters
1. Make the simple syrup: In a 1-qt. saucepan, stir the sugar with 1⁄3 cup water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Cook, stirring, until sugar dissolves, about 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the rose extract. Let cool completely.
2. In a cocktail shaker, combine the whiskey, syrup, lemon juice, and bitters with ice. Shake vigorously, and strain into a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with rose petals.
Source: Saveur
If you know anything about me you know I'm addicted to rose anything. The scent, the flavor, the color, and now, this cocktail!
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I'm with @caricakes. I totally condone this rose kick you've been on. (Because I've been on one too lol.)
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It has been a bit of a kick, hasn't it? Lol XD I guess I'm just in a floral mood! What with the beautiful summer weather, and everything blooming... @caricakes I hope you try it soon! Let me know how it comes out ;) I'm not usually a whiskey girl, but something about combining it with rose makes it sounds sooo good to me.
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