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Good morning beautiful ladies!! For those of us that find the time crunch of work and life so busy that we think we don't have even a moment for ourselves...let me show you what you can do in 10 minutes in the car before work (even super early before the roosters sound off!! Lol). I'm a lazy makeup wearer most days but I don't have to look like it! I even used the Tenacious splurge eye cream shadow on both my eyes and lips for this picture!!! #lovemyyouniquemakeup Enjoy every minute of your day ladies!! (Picture taking skills will improve so that my face doesn't look gigantic and scare you all, I promise! Heehee) ♡♡ link is in my bio♡♡
That sounds the kind of mascara I need! My mascara is garbage lol. Thanks, I'll definitely check that out.
You will fall in love with it!! I used it once and was hooked! Honestly get compliments on my "false lashes" but they are not, all mine thanks to this mascara. The link to it is in my profile. Check it out and let me know if yiu have any questions. The mascara lasts me about 4 months and I use it every day. @alywoah
I don't think I have. I need to buy better quality make-up products. I usually browse the dollar store for that. haha. I'll keep that brand in mind, though. I am sure I've actually heard of Yonique.
What brand of mascara do you use? @FreyKinyon
Good morning to you too! You look fabulous. I understand being lazy makeup wearer. On most days I just put on eyeliner and mascara, that doesn't take me very long at all.
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