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The O.C was a brilliant glorified soap-opera for teens running from 2003-2007, which also happens to be a pretty odd time for fashion. The coveted lives of rich California teens made us all drool, and served as a precursor to the voyeuristic rich-people dramas of Gossip Girl and 90210 in the following years. I'm gathering the most aughts outfits of the show that were all too trendy for the time.
This taffeta number.
Marissa wore so many aughts trends that are completely outdated today and still looked like a model. Spaghetti strap dresses with drop waists were everything in the early 2000's, especially in that tacky, shiny fabric. My best guess is that this dress also has a hankerchief hem.
This drop necklace, gloves, and flower in the hair.
Plus her lipgloss. Summer was all kinds of aughts tacky, but she always looked so cute nonetheless. This outfit was for her debutante ball in the first season, which also shows how dated this show is.
This cropped band tee and near-crimped curls.
Remember when cropped tops meant that they covered your bellybutton? In the age of low-rise everything, the bit of your belly under your navel was the part that everyone was dying to show off. Also Marissa's curls are reminiscent of a crimper, which was definitely used on the show.
Those bell-bottoms and My Little Pony tee.
In the aughts, cutesy cartoon tees weren't just for children, but stylish and cheeky teens like Summer. This was also in the days before the reign of skinny jeans, so naturally she wore bell-bottoms.
This pleated denim mini skirt.
Back when anyone between the ages of 12 and 20 wore denim miniskirts that were cut at the hem and hit no higher than an inch above your hip bones. Also, Marissa's tiny shoulder bag. And her zip-up fitted sweatshirt. And, everything.
Both of those skirts.
I remember these tiered, colorful skirts all too well. In the early 2000's, every girly girl had at least a couple of tiered miniskirts that flounced up when you moved and often had bright patterns or multiple colors on the tiers.
This polo shirt (with a paisley skirt)
Nothing makes sense about Marissa's pairing of a preppy polo and a longer, semi-boho paisley skirt. Then again, Marissa never could decide between the rich, snobby lifestyle she was raised in and the rebellious bohemian runaway life.
That kerchief, the halter top, and Marissa's skirt.
Anything with a ring insert, like Summer's halter top here, was beyond cool. What ever happened to wearing a hankerchief in your hair?
Fashion faux pas and all, the O.C still has my heart (and should have yours if you were an adolescent in the early 2000's)
@caricakes don't tell me you never rocked pleated denim back in the day?