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Alright, time for some real talk!
Abs look great! So do slim and fit body types! Especially when it comes to our favorite K-pop idols. But how one get's there is super important!
Just because they look amazingly fit doesn't mean they are just as healthy as well.
On June 24th, SISTAR's Soyu shared the story of her dieting history on the show called "Get It Beauty 2015" and I don't even know where to begin...
Soyu is one of the MCs of the show and she talked about the time she lost 8 kg (~17 lb) in one month. That is a very high number!
Now I know there are many people who go through drastic weight loss through a balance of healthy dieting and exercising, but Soyu's strategy wasn't a good one and she admitted it herself.
"She would start exercising as soon as she got up, from hot yoga, weight training, and aerobic exercise to dance practice and running. For her meals, she would only eat a cup of milk and four quail eggs, minus the yolk"
4 quail eggs minus the yolk...so basically, nothing.
After some research, I found out she was actually criticized for being "fat" and that's probably the reason she went through that crazy diet.
Here's a picture comparing her before and after the weight loss...
I honestly don't get how the first image is "fat" but I do know Korean entertainment's standard of beauty is very different from what I'm familiar with. Will the extreme expectations ever change? I'm not sure. And it's important to point out that it happens with both female and male groups, but there is more attention when these sorts of things happen with girl groups. Guys might be going through diets that are just as crazy!
Thankfully, Soyu shared this as a lesson from the past and encouraged viewers to not practice intense unhealthy diets.
“After doing this type of extreme dieting and exercise that make you so weak you can’t even support yourself, I learned that it only ruins your body.”
Let's hope for well-fed and healthy idols!
That is honestly very true. It does ruin their bodies, the way they diet. I also hope for well-fed and healthy idols!
Have you ever heard of Park Boram? She was a KPop survival show contestant that lost TONS of weight (70 LBS!) before her debut, and all she really ate was eggs, bananas, and raw vegetables. Her debut song Beautiful even talks about it in the lyrics. In fact, I feel like all the lyrics of both of her singles thus far are about how much she's had to sacrifice to get to where she is. It's a little intense.
@chandnip804 I'm just really glad she made a positive message about it! @danidee Omg, that's a whole lot of weight loss. I will have to look her up. And it's cool that she incorporated that into her music as well.
omg crazy I love food