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My heart races like a hummingbird, my small feet are restless underneath me. I nervously pass the small plastic ring back and forth between my hands. The brightly decorated walls don't feel too cheery at the moment. The crayola artwork and macaroni sculptures are no relief.
Bridget McIntyre is across the room in the cubbies packing her things up. If I'm going to make any move, I better make it now while I still have this nervous energy. I bolt out of my chair only to see Shane O'Brien saunter his way over to the cubbies.
Can six-year-olds saunter?
I don't know, but he definitely moved with some prepubescent swagger.
I plump back down, keeping an eye on the cubbies.
She's beautiful, with her neat little bangs and bright pink barbie backpack. I really like her. I hope she kinda likes me too. Man, this sucks. Why don't I just go over there and be done with it? Do it. Do it. DO IT!
I get back up and draw a deep breath. I make my way to the cubbies.
"Hey Bridget?" fear in my voice.
"Yeah?" music in hers.
"I got this for you..." fumbling with the plastic ring, I present it to her.
A moment of silence, my heartbeat in my throat, my ears.
Is this how I die?
"Oh!" it's so pretty! She slips it on.
"W-w-will you be my girlfriend?" have mercy, Bridget.
You could fry an egg on my face.
This is a flash fiction work I wrote as example of the prompt I posted yesterday.
If you missed it, it is to write a 250 word (or fewer) story about first loves. If you enjoyed this, I heartily encourage you to write your own!
There’s something so fun about reading and watching a first-love scene unfold. You perfectly summed up all of the awkwardness. well done!
this one had me laughing for sure. love the ending and its spacing, particularly. nice one, man!
@VinMcCarthy have mercy bridget lmfaoooo i was rolling! so bad she said yes. my heart would have broken for 6 year old you!