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Known for it's personality quizzes and "important" meme-filled lists, BuzzFeed is rumored to be expanding its content beyond the web.
BuzzFeed's CEO Jonah Peretti announced yesterday that the company is experimenting with ways to bring the brand to TV sets in the form of shows and possibly even movies. In the past year or two, BuzzFeed has massively expanded its online video presence, so perhaps that was the first step in creating TV content.
There's no mention of genre, platform or timeline for BuzzFeed TV.
To me this announcement was inevitable. BuzzFeed has become huge in the world of content creation and it makes sense for it to expand to a variety of mediums.
The company catches a lot of flak for its more shallow content, and rightfully so. If it does end up expanding to TV, I seriously hope it strays from topics like "15 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs" (this is 100% real).
Why does this exist?
That being said, BuzzFeed does a good job at reporting the news and reaching a wide audience. If they can bring that aspect of the company to TV sets, I'll be impressed. The influential company is obviously creative and innovative, meaning it has a real chance to make good TV.
Waiting on that AshDrew romcom movie.
Hm, I wonder how this will turn out. I am not quite sure how I feel about their idea.
@alywoah yeah I agree - it could go really well or really badly. It all depends on the type of content they want to make I think!