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These Odd Future fans have no chill whatsoever.
During the Tyler The Creator Cherry Bomb tour in Europe, footage was release of Cali native bringing a fan on stage during a pause in the show. Things turned for the worse when Tyler offers the fan 30 bucks to eat Jasper Dolphin’s vomit off of a t-shirt. The die hard fan doesn’t back down to the challenge at all and takes a gobble (I chose this word wisely, as he didn’t dab the shirt with his tongue, he ate an actual piece of food vomit) of a chunk of vomit off the shirt.
It’s pretty gross and this video surely isn't for anyone of the faint-of-heart. If you want to catch the shocking scene, hit the video above. The vomit consumption begins around the 25 second mark.
Enjoy your lunch!
The Beyonce and Minaj fan base is some of the most loyal ppl I have ever seen.. Kim K has a crazy strong one too.. did you see the pic of the girl sobbing at a signing event? #JesusGrabTheWheel
I totally agree with you @christianmordi with these kids being a bit too locked in. the things fans will do for celebrities is ridiculous. For example, America's obsession with Beyonce lol, what has the world, let alone the young generation come to?
Hahah i couldn't bring myself to watch. But i think that description gives me everything I need...
@jeff4122 I just couldn't believe it when I watched it.. it was like the kid combed through the shirt to find the biggest piece to absorb lol.. They came out to my hometown once.. never again, lol. They were hanging from the balcony of the venue, all types of wicked shit lol
lol.. very true. They do a great job staying in tune with a youth.. but from the looks of it, maybe these kids are a bit too locked in lol
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