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I have been afraid Of that glow in the dark Stretching like, A luminous arc. A distant portal through which, Their ominous, Green eyes lurk. The arc that spits Emerald flames; Murmuring names.. I was never sure What lies ahead, In their shadow games. I have clenched To the fear. And sobbed to those, Whose eyes saw none Of those shimmering lamps "The tremors aren't real", Comforting strangers said. But the lights Of these chandeliers were for none but me, I knew, Inside my head. Through these years I have known, Faceless man. Walking through Blurring lanes. Those cold eyes I couldn't feign. And one day, As I looked up, My eyes met with an emerald eye Blinding fogs descended And I heard my name.. Last thing I remember, Was drifting away From a blue orb, Sparkling against Curtails of black Reminding me, strangely Of that Earth.. I thought was plagued. ~ Debanka Chanda
@DebankaChanda You haven't lost your skill for writing, I see! Explore those feelings in your writing; I hope that will help you find some solace.
Oh, no. I am really sorry to hear that. I know that feeling. I hope that writing can help you dig your way out.
I guess I am just depressed!
I really love the imagery used in this poem. I love pieces that allow me to vividly see the images that the writer sees. Great sensory words. What inspired you to write this poem?