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Or more specifically, the pickle juice. Im talking about dill, bread and butter, half sour, juicy green pickles that you can buy at your local grocery store. Pretty much everything about them is amazing, but I for one am completely addicted to the pickle juice that most people usually toss out.
And while that might sound weird (although its completely delicious), pickle juice has some pretty awesome health benefits that will get even the most disgusted to stop turning their noses up at the green goodness.
1. It is awesome Post-workout
You just got back from an intense workout and you are dripping sweat. You are currently wondering why showers don't have built in chairs since the thought of standing is just to much right now. That nice, cold pickle juice just chilling in the fridge can help you out. Unlike water, pickle juice has all the electrolytes you need after a hard workout. It has both vinegar and sodium, which is what athletes need after sweating off most of their water. And gatorade is just terrible for you.
It's also super refreshing. So obviously I am team Pickle Juice
2. Its a Hangover Cure
If that isn't reason enough to keep pickles in your fridge constantly I don't know what is. Hangovers happen because God hates us, or more scientifically, because alcohol causes us to be super dehydrated. The pickle juice helps to replace the sodium that your body lost while ripping shots at the bar last night! So drink up, you'll thank me later!
Side note: it's also an amazing chaser for whiskey! Order a pickle back the next time you're at a bar.
3. And for the helps with PMS!!!
Similar to the way it helps post workout, the vinegar and sodium in the juice helps ease menstrual cramps. So next time go for the fridge instead of the Midol. The saltiness of the juice will also curb some of the crazy carvings we get while PMSing too, which means less calories! Win, Win.
@christianmordi right! and i know ill be more grateful for it post saturday night then post workout haha not gonna like ill drink it pretty much any time of day though. Especially when its hott!
learn something new everyday, while I knew Pickle juice was great after a workout, I never knew it was great for hangovers.. most dope!
Haha well I wish I liked pickles...
Pickles help PMS?! Why are they so magical and delicious?! I’m on team pickle juice too.
I NEED TO TRY THIS. I love sour things, especially pickles.
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