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7 Drool-Inducing Food GIFs to Get You Through Hump Day

Oh man – it's only Wednesday? Bummer. Let your love of food carry you through the week!
Just the fact that these fries exist is enough to make my Hump Day cares disappear.
Because when the weekend does roll around (so soon!), maybe you can track down some of this finger-lickin'-good fried chicken.
Or, if health food is more your jam, you can make yourself this incredible-looking sandwich. Those chips? Inspired.
Why wait for the weekend to treat yourself? Settle in with a nice, steaming mug of coffee. Mmm.
Starting the day off with the smell of sizzling bacon can make it feel like Saturday morning even when it's not.
Everybody knows that bacon is king, but all I really want right now is this creamy, dreamy chocolate mousse. Look at that texture!
I think I just died. This is perfection. Does Seamless deliver crème brûlées? (That's right – crème brûlées PLURAL).
Seriously! Never fear – the weekend will be here soon!
Hahaha. Glad you guys enjoyed!! :) Looking at all this food is somehow satisfying for me, even when I can't actually eat it lol. I think it just inspires me for what I'd like my next weekend treat to be :)
You had me at the mousse. It looks so creamy. Yum.
I think I gained 30lbs, just looking at this post! That fried chicken with honey gif was the icing on the cake and I don't even eat meat. I NEED IT ALL!
@allischaaff i waited until i had my lunch IN MY MOUTH before looking at this. I'm still pissed i don't have all the food lmfao
What are you trying to do to me!?
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