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If you've always wanted freckles, but your gene pool felt otherwise -- you're in for a freckled treat.

From the world of YouTube to the fashion runway, you can now achieve freckles by simply drawing them on your face. Makeup truly is an art. Those who naturally have freckles hate them and those without them crave them -- how ironic?
Thanks to those rippin' the runway, the trend has gained so much recognition and freckles are a new trendy phenomenon. That girl in grade school who constantly got made fun of because of her freckles is now a top model thanks to her sun kissed face of freckles. If you wish to achieve the look temporarily and try a new trend go for it! People draw on faux beauty marks, so why not give faux freckles a go? Grab a pencil and get to dotting. Remember, to achieve a natural look -- less is always more.

Topshop Freckled Pencil - Forever Young

Thanks to Topshop women can now achieve temporary freckles for under $10 using their freckled pencil created specifically for a unique, natural sun-kissed face.

Details via Topshop:

Get a sun-kissed look with Topshop's freckle pencil. The marbleised formula creates unique and natural looking freckles. First warm and blend the pencil top on the back of the hand, then simply dot pencil across the nosebridge and onto cheeks as desired. Tap or blot after application for a natural-looking finish. Fix with translucent powder or fixing spray for a long-lasting finish.

Disclaimer: A regular light brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil will achieve the same look.

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I literally LOL'd at 'halloween makeup', but you make a good point because if not done properly that is exactly what it can end up looking like. And I def agree! it's def her jaw structure, but she's Audrey all the way!! @danidee
From what I heard, SZA uses things like this to build in some of her freckles, but I think she has some naturally as well
Yeah, it didn't take me long to realize her freckles weren't authentic. It's a pretty cool idea though lol Regardless, she's gorgeous though! @christianmordi
@jordanhamilton yeah I dig SZA, she's a Jersey girl who grew up like 10 mins from my hometown.. outside of her looks, I really like her signature sound and style.. Her last album was really good
yeah, her album was amazing! I dig her as well. I didn't know she was a jersey girl -- pretty cool @christianmordi