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1. Skinny Jeans...are they bad for your health? It might be a tight call...
2. Buzzfeed might be going into television. This is on the top of their list of 5 Things We Want to Expand To.
3. Obesity in America is at it's highest. Can we reverse this? Fat chance.
4. Emojis might be a language now. But it’s not a dolphinite thing. (see pun below)
This card is part of my Punny News collection...where I sum up the news in puns and try to make jokes. It’s pretty Punny.
Oh man. I stared at offishal for the longest time before I found the word 'fish'. It's time for me to find some coffee, friends.
When puns strike back! @danidee
Whale, you did it. Gold star.
I’m officially the punniest. <><