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Pixar movies are like the Taylor Swift of the film world. First you're totally blowing it off, then you evolve into this drooling and obsessed Pixar-devouring maniac, quaking in your chair as the ending credits roll. How does that even happen?!
im a big fan of Pixar movies too. it has become my benchmark for animated films. lol. unleashing that kid at heart of mine. 馃槏
@nicolejb I'm one of those people who are sort of disinterested when it comes to Disney and Pixar films until someone actually has me watch one of them. Then I'm just like WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YOU SHOW ME THIS SOONER? IT'S AMAZING!
@danidee yeah i agree. watching animated films is a stress buster for me.
@biancaP Sameeee. I used to feel a little silly watching children's movies as an adult, but I'm realizing it's just as important for adults to be watching these too! They nurture the inner child.
Haha I'm the weird friend that forces my friends to go see it with me @danidee...
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