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Don't you love it when idols show off their aegyo (regardless of how good they're at it)? I really like to see this side of idols, whether it's on stage, in variety shows, or behind the scenes.
I'd like to share the best of idol aegyo with you guys each week. We'll start of this week with VIXX's Cha Hak Yeon!
I think you guys might enjoy this @kpopandkimchi @StephanieDuong @PassTheSuga @shashae5296 @Allyphernelia @Uniangel18 @adikiller @StarBabes @xoxoaudra98 @FYVIXX @Miss148 Sorry if I missed any other VIXX/N fans!
After Lee Jong Suk's famous Buing Buing, this is my next favorite aegyo move!
Double VIXX aegyo attack! I love how N holds on to Hyuk...so adorable!
Aegyo battle between baby and N? Ahh, I can't decide who's cuter!
N wins this one! That's one lucky puppy!
Even his laugh is full of aegyo!
Hope you enjoyed N's awesome aegyo.
Here's a bonus gif of the look-alike brothers being cute!
Look forward to more aegyo show-offs each week! ^_^
Awww I love this!! and I love N. He's my favorite from VIXX!! Thanks for the tag! :)
He's my favorite out of all the Big Byungs.
Heehee e.e N
Cha Hak Yeon why you so adorable!
AWWWW he's so cute aigoooo~ ^^
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