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December shared their thoughts on elisting in the army by uploading a scan of their handwritten letter onto their official fan café. The duo wrote: “It has already been four years since December has been with you all. We want to sincerely thank everyone for continuing to love and support us without change. This album will be our last before we enlist in the military. Every Korean man serves in the military, so don’t worry too much about us. We’ll fulfill our duties in a healthy manner and return, so I hope we continue to cherish and depend on each other like now and become more like family." By the way they have just released their 2nd-full album 'The Last Legacy'. it will be available to purchase on December 21st, 'Don't Go' is the title song. Check it out if you still haven't heard it! PS: December We'll be Waiting for U~~ (
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thats really sweet considering that they are thinkin about their fans even as they face the fact that they have to do army work for 2 years!